What is LAPZERO?
Developed and tested by coaches, LAPZERO is far more than a fancy stopwatch; it is a revolution in event timing. Old-fashioned stopwatches simply record a series of laps and splits. Some really expensive ones have printers, but a little piece of paper with 0:01:04.3 0:00:07.2 0:00:02.9 0:00:57.5 printed on it doesn't tell you much.

LAPZERO lets you:
  • Digitally save laps and splits, organized by date, event, and athlete name
  • Upload results to the web fore easy storage, organization, and sharing
  • Save individual and team results from relay events.
  • Set up events on your home computer or on the device.
  • Store athlete data for quick and easy access

How It Works
LAPZERO is incredibly intuitive. Simply launch LAPZERO on your phone, click the Events button and select the event you want to time.

Events are either created and saved right here on the device or ahead of time on your home computer (more on that later).

Create and save as many events as you like with as many athletes as you like.*

*Some phones are limited to 9 athletes per event.

Once you have selected the event you wish to time, press start and you're off!

Simply press the appropriate button as each athlete completes a lap. LAPZERO will save each athlete's individual results. Those results can be recalled later, presented in a nicely organized table.

LAPZERO is even smart enough to tell you the individual splits for relay events!

Timing events is only half the story. Earlier, we mentioned creating events ahead of time on your home computer. In fact, you can create events whenever you want on any computer with an internet connection. Then you won't have to worry about it on the day of competition.

When you purchase LAPZERO, you get a free web account for a month. Simply log onto your account, name your event, select a date, select your athletes, and save.

When you're ready, just select which events you want on your device and sync your device. That's it! The selected events will be transferred to your device in a matter of seconds.

That's still not it! With your membership you can even upload your saved events to your very own customized results page. With the click of a button all your results are online nicely organized and ready to be shared with friends or teammates.

By the way, just in case you like old-fashioned stopwatch/printer devices, LAPZERO does that too.

If you are ready to enter the future of timing, click here.

If you need more information, check our our Frequently Asked Questions page or feel free to contact us.

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