Every other timing device just became obsolete.

LAPZERO is a complete revolution in event timing. Gone are the days of coaches and spectators standing by the side of the track or the pool with multiple stopwatches, a pencil, and a clipboard full of scrap paper.

LAPZERO changes everything. Now, record and store every lap and split by name instantly with the press of a button. No more messy clipboards or tiny printouts. LAPZERO does it all for you so you can spend your time cheering, coaching, or just relaxing.

Not tech-savvy? Not a problem. LAPZERO is intuitive and user-friendly. In fact, you can give it a spin right now!




  • Now specifically designed for iPhone.
  • Time events and email results instantly.
  • Reprogrammed and reengineered for more accurate timing and more secure data storage.
  • Many more upgrades and features!

Why pay nearly $400 for a device that is little more than an oversized stopwatch?



With LAPZERO, you'll have more complete and better organized results.




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